Abbotsford’s premier cyclocross event at Mill Lake Park.

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About The Race

ValleyCross is Abbotsford’s premier cyclocross event situated in picturesque Mill Lake Park, Abbotsford’s crown jewel, just minutes off of Highway One. Featuring long sight lines, two large mature Douglas Fir grooves, stair run-ups, a sand section, a paved start/finish line straight-away, and a kids playground to keep the family engaged in-between races – Mill Lake Park is the perfect cyclocross venue.

Why cyclocross racing? Plain and simple: it’s a ton of fun! Races are short – less than an hour – with riders navigating sometimes muddy terrain, slippery off-camber grass sections, jumping barriers and pushing themselves just hard enough to keep a smile on their face. If not racing Pro category, riders can compete on any bike they might have in their shed – CX bike, mountain bike, fat bike or even that $300 Frankenbike – it doesn’t matter. Bring it on!

Did we mention fun? Cyclocross races thrive on inclement weather conditions; the wetter, the muddier, the better! And talk about spectator-friendly, you can easily watch most of the race from one vantage point thanks to the tight course layout and varying terrain. With various “hand-ups”, on course shenanigans, cheering or heckling and loads of cow bell, you can’t help but get swept up in the cyclocross experience!

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