Rules & Requirements.

Race etiquette, rules, and requirements.
  • UCI cyclocross bicycles compliance is required for Provincial Championship Titles. Tires must be manufacture labeled as 33mm or less and must not exceed 35mm measurement to account for rim width variances. Elites tires must not exceed 33mm measurement.
  • There will be a Non-UCI compliant category for a rider whose bike does not meet UCI standards. This will be a non-Provincial Championship category.
  • Single day licenses will be permitted to race in Championship Categories. If you finish in a podium position, you will be acknowledged for your position within the race but will not be eligible for a Provincial Championship Award. The next UCI licensed rider will be awarded the Championship podium spot. Elites must hold a UCI license.


Race Course Etiquette.

Absolutely no pre-riding the courses prior to race day! Courses may also be subject to modification or cancellation due to heavy rain.

Races don’t happen by themselves. Give back a little bit and lend a hand post-race to assist organizers in helping to clean-up and restore the race site.

Do not ride the course after race day. This jeopardizes the chances of municipalities granting the use of the park for future race dates.

Don’t be a jerk.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s just a race. Have fun!

Don’t litter in our beautiful park. Seriously. We want to come back next year.